Newport Freight Forwarder S.A. is a Uruguayan company located in Montevideo, with a noticeable presence in the market and vast knowledge of international freight transport, with a wide command of the world's commercial outlook. This determines the hegemony of our organization, which allows for optimizing import and export activities, airborne or maritime, for and from the national and international market. This favourable position enables for more dynamism and greater competitiveness, characteristics that are constantly related to the benefits our organization presents, not only in the search for the means of transport that is most suitable for the customer's needs, but also in the offer of the best quotes, larger variety of destinations, safety, reliability and quality of the service provided.

Newport Freight Forwarder S.A. was founded in 1984, with the mission of promoting or administering logistics and all the necessary associated services, to perform international freight transport in all its classifications, satisfying demands or needs of national and foreign companies. Since its origin, Newport Freigt Forwarder S.A. has been permanently focusing on achieving the set objectives, constantly assisting the requirements of the most important element in its organization: the customer. These objectives aim at the optimization and improvement of of the service offered whether it is in terms of optimal customer response time, personalized efficient and effective service, reliability, safety and an excellent quote (level).

In August 2004, Newport Freight Forwarder S.A. opened an office at the Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco (Carrasco International Airport) and in May 2004 the entire Air Cargo Exports Department definitely moved to its premises in the Airport. This great structural change allows for the better assistance of the Airlines and Customer requierements for the service provided.


We set ourselves to cater for an efficient and effective service, which fulfills the expectations of the most demanding customer. To achieve an important participation in the market which allows for the most convenient conditions and to consolidate the company, basing ourselves on an effective Quality Management System which aims at Continuous Improvement of processes.

Permanently stimulate a good working environment and team work, so as to satisfy the internal customer, and to work on the basis of deep analysis of data and situations, and of duly planned activities.


We aim to be a national and worlwide company, recognized for providing global solutions to all shipments in all their aspects. to mantain leadership in the exports airborne freight transport, having the latest infrastructure, having incorporated Total Quality and Continuous Improvement Management as working philososphy by all the members of the organization, having achieved customer fidelity.